Handbook Edition of The Horrible History of The World

The Horrible History of The World is a Horrible Histories handbook published by Terry Deary. It contains history about things like Ancient Rome, historical explorers, knights, rebellions and wars. It was originally published as "The Wicked History of the World" and was published for the 10th Anniversary of Horrible Histories. It was republished as part of the handbooks series, with the text being smaller.


The Horrible History of the World presents the foul but fascinating story of humans from brain-nibbling Neanderthals to terrified teenage soldiers in the twentieth century.

Want to know:

  • why Alexander the Great banned beards?
  • what smelly sport was played by samurai warriors?
  • who tried to bump off her enemies with a cake made with poisoned bath-water?

It's all you ever need to know about the wicked world - all the gore and more!

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