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The Few (or RAF Pilots) is a song from the Horrible Histories TV Series. It aired in Series 4, Episode 1 on April 9, 2012, & later in the Savage Songs Special.

As the song suggests, it stars the airmen of the Royal Air Force, who sing about their days in World War II. 


Binky: We fighter pilots fought the German chaps
In World War Two

Stinky: In hurricanes & spitfires
Performed feats of daring do

Squiffy: The finest British pilots
That the world could hope to have

Binky: Binky! 

Stinky: Stinky!

Squiffy: Squiffy!

František: František!

Stanislav: And Stanislav! 

Stinky: Hold fire! Is that some foreign chaps
Risking their necks?

František: That’s right, some of the bravest men
Were Polish & Czech

All: We like to fire
Beating Jerry our one desire

Stinky: Yeah yeah

All: All we do each night is pray
We’ll live to fight another day

Squiffy: Take that, Hitler.

Binky: My name is Douglas Bader
Let me tell of my ordeal
Lost both legs in an accident
These ones are not real

Rest: (They’re not real)

Binky: I left the air force after that
Flying was a hobby
But when war broke in ’39
Came back

Rest: (Just like Robbie)

Binky: Shot down twenty-two of them
Led the air attack
‘Till finally the Luftwaffe
Hit me back
Oh no, pretty baby

All: His plane on fire

Binky: Stuck in Colditz, such a shame to retire

Stinky: Yeah yeah

All: Never forget this great man’s story
And his role in Britain’s glory

František: We flew in tough conditions
Lucky to survive five missions

Stinky: Not that I’m complaining
But I’ve had just ten hours training

Squiffy: Epic dogfights in the sky
Outnumbered that’s why

Stinky: We’re now known by you
As The Few

All: Oooh, ahhh

Stanislav: (Phew, he missed me!)

Stinky: The Battle of Britain
Was our pilots’ finest hour
Although it seemed at first
The Germans were the stronger power

Rest: (Oh so strong)

Stinky: We mustered all our courage
In summer 1940
Scrambled air force squadrons to fly
Sortie after sortie

Stinky: Saw Nazi invasion off
Just as airmen should
Our bravery meant Hitler
Wouldn’t be back for good
No no

All: We beat the Führer
Without us frequent flyers, your lives would be poorer

Stinky: Yeah yeah

All: Britain securer
Our story of heroics will forever endure

Stinky: Woah yeah

All: So I think you’ll find it’s true...

“Never in the field of human conflict, was so much owed, by so many, to so
few” – Winston Churchill



  • An instrumental variant of the song can be heard in Horrible Histories' spin-off show Horrible Histories: Gory Games in the beginning of Series 4 Episode 10


František may be in reference to Josef František, a Czechoslovak fighter ace in the Battle of Britain and the highest scoring non-british fighter ace in the Battle of Britain. Similarly, Stanislav may be in reference to Stanisłav Skalski a Polish Battle of Britain pilot and the first allied ace in World War I.

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