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The Borgia Family is a song from the Horrible Histories TV series. It aired in Series 4, Episode 9 on May 11, 2012.


Horrible Histories - The Borgia Family - Horrible Songs - Radical Renaissance

A parody of The Addams Family theme song, the notorious children of Pope Alexander VI sings about their lives of murder, twists, plots, marriage, murder, & some more murder! 


All: Lucrezia, Giovanni,
Gioffre & Cesare
Italian barmy army,
The Borgia Family

Our daddy was Rodrigo
Rodrigo: I had a monstrous ego
All: Where he makes trouble we go
The Borgia Family

Rodrigo: Our tale begins Renaissance Spain,
Its leaders were a shower
And I run out of patience
So began in my quest for power

I splashed my cash to all the papal cardinals in hope
That they’d be bought,
They were in short
And I became the Pope

More power than I oughta
All: Blood’s thicker than water
Rodrigo: Appoint my sons & daughter
All: To run a dynasty

Cesare: With daddy as the Pope, I could do as I pleased was ace,
I’d kill a man who dared
To like invade my personal space
Rodrigo: I found a husband for Lucrezia
Rich Giovanni Sforza, do you love him?
Lucrezia: Yes of course but love his power & money more so

All: Now married to the Sforza’s
This opens up new doors-as
The world bows down before us
The Borgia/Sforza family

Rodrigo: Oh yes, & while we’re at it we will marry son Gioffre
Aged twelve but so what soon will be
The Borgia/Sforza & the Naples family

When the Sforza family
Eventually bores ya
With just annul the marriage
If he refuses to divorce ya

Lucrezia: Don’t I get a say?
Rodrigo: Don’t fret, for you another man I’ll get
Alfonzo of Aragon
Lucrezia: I like him this could go on & on!

Cesare: You like him I’ve gone off him
His pretty face makes me wince
Lucrezia: You killed him!
Cesare: Yeah I’m the model for
Machiavelli’s Prince

Rodrigo: Giovanni run the army but Cesare said
Cesare: No way! I’ll kill you if you cross me
I might kill you anyway
I am the mostest powerfulest, evilest of all
As long as dad’s alive
There’s not a single chance I’ll fall

Rodrigo: Huh aaaaah!
Cesare: Awww nooo

All except Rodrigo: We suddenly lost status
It seems the whole world hate us
They excommunicate us
The Borgia Family




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