2007 book makeover edition of Terrible Tudors


Terry Deary and Neil Tonge

Original title

The Terrible Tudors


Martin Brown

Cover artist

Martin Brown


Main Series



Publication date

18th of June 1993


128 (Original), 144 (Book Makeover)

Chapter count



9780439944052 (makeover edition)

Terrible Tudors is a book by Terry Deary published in 1993 and is the first Horrible Histories book published (Along with Awesome Egyptians). 5 years later, another book called 'Even More Terrible Tudors', later called 'Terrifying Tudors', was released containing additional history of the Tudor dynasty.

Book Description[edit | edit source]

Every one knows that the Tudors were a family that ruled England from 1485 to 1603 but what you dont know is that the Tudors were a murderous and ravenous bunch. From Henry VII defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth to his horrible son Henry VIII who is known for his six wives. Then discover the foul facts about his three children Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I plus learn what its like to live in the Terrible Tudor Times.

Also learn ...

  • Why Henry VIII thought he'd married a horse?
  • All about terrible Tudor torture?
  • Which shocking swear words the Tudors used

So if you want blood, gore and foul facts aplenty you must read Terrible Tudors!

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Additional info[edit | edit source]

  • Item Format: Book Paper or Softback
  • IBSN: 978 0439 94400 2
  • 139 pages
  • For ages 8+
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