Rattus Rattus is the talking rat host of the Horrible Histories Sketch series. He is performed by John Eccleston, assisted by Scott Brooker.  He is the star of the show. He has many arguements with Scrappus.


In the Series 4 Song Special, he is shown to have a nephew called Scrappus, in the Alfred The Great episode in series 6, he claims to have 7000 cousins, one of whom was eaten by The empress of China and in both the Series 4 Rotten Romance special and the series seven Ridiculous Romantics episode he has a girlfriend called Ratalie


Rattus Rattus is energetic and entertaining. He often attempts to make jokes throughout Horrible Histories (Possibly trying to entertain the children audiences.) He is also VERY Mischievous. Another thing he likes to do is dress up accordingly to the episode theme so he can match the era. (Example: The episode on Shakespeare Rattus dresses up as a Tudor) He is also seen to be able to hold a sign with his tail. Rattus is also an incredibly skilled game designer, having helped with the creation of the original Skyrim map.


  • In the Big Proms Party special, he enters the Royal Albert Hall via a sewage drainpipe.
  • He is shown to be able to play the drums in series six.
  • He also hosts HH Gory Games with Dave Lamb.

He has alot of nephews (Found in series 7)

  • He’s hot 😳

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