Mike Peabody
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Peabody during the Battle of Thermopylae


Michael Benjamin Everett “Mike” Peabody




Modern Day


Journalist, reporter, correspondent

Portrayed By

Ben Willbond

Michael Benjamin Everett “Mike” Peabody is the main correspondent for HHTV News.  He is sent to report live, on often dangerous events.

His first appearance was in series 1, episode 9 where he reported on the Great Plague of London and his last (not counting appearing at the BBC Proms) is in series 4, episode 10 where he reported live from the Last Saxon Stronghold.


Not much is known about Mike except that he's from the United Kingdom.  He works alongside Bob Hale and his sister Sam as a live-on-scene reporter for HHTV News.  He, like most of the HHTV News crew, is a reoccurring character. In series 8 he is replaced by Peter Curtsey and Katie Woe

He is portrayed by Ben Willbond.


Peabody is willing to put himself in danger to get an interview with people during the event he was sent to.


Peabody is seen wearing a blue shirt, a dark blue vest (possibly bulletproof) with the word PRESS on and dark trousers. Less often he is seen wearing a green shirt and a green vest (minus the word PRESS).


  • The Great Plague of London — Series 1 Episode 9 — Slimy Stuarts sketch
  • The Battle of Thermopylae — Series 1 Episode 10 — Groovy Greeks sketch
  • The Battle of Marston Moor — Series 2 Episode 7 — Slimy Stuarts sketch
  • The storming of the Bastille — Series 3 Episode 8 — Fabulous French sketch
  • The last Saxon stronghold on the Isle of Ely — Series 4 Episode 10 — Measly Middle Ages sketch
  • Mike Peabody Reports from the Royal Albert Hall — BBC Proms
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