Laurence Rickard
Laurence Rickard


Laurence Carl Rickard


14 June 1975
Brighton, England


Mary Phillips





Laurence Carl "Larry" Rickard (Born 14 June 1975) is an English actor, writer and comedian best known for his multiple roles in the CBBC historical sketch show Horrible Histories. His most iconic role in the series was Bob Hale, a recurring character who presented long and convoluted reports of famous historical events in the style of a weather report.

In addition to being part of the Horrible Histories group, which have gone on to create, write and star in other TV series and feature films, Rickard is part of the comedy duo Larry and George with George Sawyer.

Early LifeEdit

Rickard was born on 14 June 1975 in the English seaside town of Brighton. He graduated from Brunel University, London, where he studied TV, Film and Drama.


As a writer Rickard has written for many shows including, The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson, Dick and Dom's Funny Business and All Over the Place among others.

Rickard first became known for his role of Bob Hale, a hyperactive news reporter for HHTV News on the CBBC sketch show Horrible Histories in 2009. Original hired solely as a writer, Rickard soon found himself one of the principal actors after creating the character Bob Hale, which proved impossible for any but himself to play. He also appeared in the spin-off show Gory Games.

Along with his Horrible Histories co-stars, Rickard has gone on to create, write and star in a number of other projects, starting with the multi-award-winning Sky1 comedy Yonderland in 2013, after Horrible Horrible Histories ceased full-time production. A second and third series followed and continued until 2015 after which the group worked on their first feature film called Bill, which portrays a fictional early life of William Shakespeare.

In 2019, the group reunited to create the BBC comedy-horror Ghosts which prooved to be highly popular, especially with the 16-34-year-old viewers. A week after the final episode, it was announced that the show had been renewed for a further two series. [1]

Personal LifeEdit

Rickard is married to Mary Phillips, together they have a son, which he announced on Twitter on 14 May 2018. The couple live in Sussex, England.

Although popularly know to friends and fans alike as 'Larry', professionally he is always credited as Laurence Rickard.



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