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Scholastic went into in partnership with virtual world designer Yomego to create an online virtual world. Visitors to the virtual world would be able to create an avatar dressed in a historical costume, explore, look in a virtual world shop, chat, and subscribe to events where the children may meet the author, Terry Deary. The idea is that users would be able to explore areas with names like "Rotten Rome", "Awesome Egypt", and "Terrible Tudor London".

On January 10, 2011, a post was made looking for "gruesome guinea pigs" to test the World. The World was planned to go live in June 26, 2011, however it was delayed until August 1, 2011, being avaliable for beta testing starting in May. Every week or so the Horrible Histories World team would add new stuff. The World was shut down on June 26, 2012 and the main parts of it are in the Horrible Histories website.



  • Ruthless Romans
  • Awful Egyptians
  • Terrible Tudors
  • Measly Middle Ages
  • Perilous Pirates


  • Chop n Drop
  • Chops Away
  • Knight Invaders
  • Mummy Madness
  • Powder Monkey Peril
  • Putrid Pirate Battleships
  • The Rat Runs
  • Tomb of Terror

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