Horrible Histories - Series 4, Episode 4
Season Four, Episode Four
Air date 12 April 2012
Written by Dave Cohen, Gerard Foster, Giles Pilbrow, Steve Punt, Laurence Rickard, Colin Swash, & Ben Ward
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Horrible Histories - Series 4, Episode 4 was the 43rd episode of Horrible Histories, the fourth of Series 4. It first aired on the 12th of April, 2012, on the CBBC.

This episode includes HHTV's war reporter Mike Peabody regretting his decision to cover the Norman Siege of Palermo, the Pilgrim Fathers rapping about colonizing in America, & a German submarine captain having the worst toilet accident in history.

Sketches Edit

Groovy Greeks Edit

Spartan Phalanx Formation Edit

Spartans have the battle phalanx down to an art–until the warrior on the end notices a problem.

Movie Trailer Edit

Pausanias: A True Story Edit

“Pausanias: A True Story” tells the full story of the General’s badly thought-through betrayal.

Measly Middle Ages Edit

HHTV News Edit

The Norman siege of Palermo Edit

Stupid Deaths Edit

Gyrth & Leofwine (King Harold's brothers) Edit

Gyrth & Leofwine, King Harold II’s brothers, at the Battle of Hastings.

Words We Get From History Edit

More Words We Get From The Normans Edit

Awesome USA Edit

Colonization, Colonization, Colonization Edit

The first settlers at Jamestown, Virginia nearly lose the battle with their own naivety in“Colonisation, Colonisation, Colonisation”.

Song Edit

Main article: It’s a New World (Pilgrim Fathers)

Parody of Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keyes

Woeful Second World War Edit

Adolf Hitler's Orders Edit

The Fuhrer’s guards refuse to disturb his lie-in for anything–even the news of D-Day.

Dodgy War Machines Edit

No. 81: Poor toilet planning on the U-Boat Edit

Savage Stone Age Edit

Historical Apprentice Edit

Team Neanderthal V Team Homo Sapiens Edit

Team Neanderthal & Team Homo Sapiens vie to demonstrate who’s more advanced.

Vile Victorians Edit

Victorian Ice Cream Edit

A less-than-ethical ice cream salesman.

Historical Crime Squad Edit

The case of the dodgy slum diet Edit

Cast Edit

Groovy Greeks Measly Middle Ages Awesome USA Woeful Second World War Savage Stone Age Vile Victorians
Spartan Phalanx Formation Movie Trailer HHTV News Stupid Deaths Colonization, Colonization, Colonization Song Adolf Hitler's Orders Dodgy War Machines Historical Apprentice Victorian Ice Cream Historical Crime Squad
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