Horrible Histories - Series 4, Episode 13
Season Four, Episode Thirteen
Scrapus in the cage
Air date 4 June 2012
Written by Dave Cohen, Caroline Norris, & Giles Pillbrow
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Horrible Histories - Series 4, Episode 13 was the 53rd episode of the Horrible Histories TV series. It first aired on June 4, 2012.

A Savage Songs Special, this episode featured a selection of songs chosen by Rattus Rattus to entertain his nephew Scrappus.

Songs Edit

We're the Thinkers Edit

A parody of The Monkees' theme song, it stars four of the greatest Greek philosophers singing about their lives & theories.

Mary I Edit

A parody of "Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush, the titular monarch sings about how her rule became catastrophic, & how she wasn’t really that scary!

William Shakespeare & the Quills Edit

A big band parody, Shakespeare sings all about the so many phrases he came up with.

It's a New World (Pilgrim Fathers) Edit

A parody of Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keyes, it stars the Pilgrim fathers singing about colonizing in America.

Luddites! Edit

A parody of early punk rock (featuring the Sex Pistols & The Clash), the Luddites sing about their struggle against the Industrial Revolution.

Victoria & Albert: A Love Ballad Edit

A parody of 1980’s romantic duets, Queen Victoria & Prince Albert sing about their love in a love ballad.

Mary Seacole Edit

A parody of Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyoncé, it stars Mary Seacole singing about her life as a nurse in the Crimean War (besides Florence Nightingale).

Natural Selection Edit

In the song, Charles Darwin explains his theory of evolution.

The Few Edit

As the song suggests, it stars the airmen of the Royal Air Force, who sing about their days in World War II.

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