Horrible Histories - Series 2, Episode 1
Season Two, Episode One
Air date 31 May 2010
Written by Mathew Baynton, Gerard Foster, Jon Holmes, Greg Jenner, Giles Pilbrow, Steve Punt, & Laurence Rickard
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Horrible Histories - Series 2, Episode 1 was the 14th episode of the Horrible Histories TV series, having first aired on the 31st of April, 2010, on the CBBC.

This episode includes a prank-loving emperor hosting a dinner party on Roman Come Dine with Me, the Durham Home Guard injuring themselves while learning first aid, & a Viking rock band painting the town red... literally.

Sketches Edit

Rotten Romans Edit

Historical Come Dine with Me Edit

Roman Come Dine With Me Edit

Emperor Elagabalus plays some very nasty practical jokes on his dinner guests. (A parody of Come Dine with Me)

Terrible Tudors Edit

Elizabeth I portraitEdit

Elizabeth I is picky about her portrait.

Quiz QuestionEdit

Queen Elizabeth loved plays by Shakespeare, especially one called 'Titus Andronicus' in which Roman Emperor Titus serves up an unusual pie to one unfortunate woman. Is the pie made from...?

A: Her two dogs

B: Her two sons

C: Leek & broccoli

Historical MastermindEdit

William Shakespeare on “Words what I made up”Edit

Incredible IncasEdit

Shouty ManEdit

Multi-Purpose Incan HoleEdit


Inca Sham-peeEdit

Vile VictoriansEdit

The invention of BadmintonEdit

Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild (Animation)Edit

Meet the many eccentric pets of Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild.

Stupid DeathsEdit

Bobby LeachEdit

Victorian Niagara Falls daredevil tells of his stupid death, which wasn’t as heroic as his work.

Slimy StuartsEdit

Movie TrailersEdit

Fawkes' 13Edit

The story of the Gunpowder Plot as an action movie “Fawkes’ 13”.

Quiz QuestionEdit

The Duke of Monmouth led another failed attempt to remove James II from power, but what happened to the bodies of his followers after they'd been executed...? 

A: Their heads were put on spikes

B: They were burned on a bonfire

C: They were preserved in tar

Charles I punishmentsEdit

Charles I’s unusual punishments for government critics. 

Woeful Second World WarEdit

Arming the British Home Guard discussionEdit

PM Winston Churchill discusses arming the British Home Guard.

Video GamesEdit

Operation Defend BritainEdit

Durham Home Guard First Aid trainingEdit

The Durham Home Guard branch do more damage to themselves than to the enemy.

Vicious VikingsEdit

Navigation by a ravenEdit

Attempting to navigate by following (but not necessarily feeding) a raven.


Main article: Literally

The Vikings sing about their landing in Britain & some of the vicious things they got up to…literally!


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