Historical Wife Swap is a recurring sketch in the Horrible Histories TV Series. A parody of the television programme Wife Swap, comparing the lives of two very different historical families, where the wife of one family would swap with another wife for one week. 

List of SketchesEdit

1660: The Miserables swap with The MerrysEdit

The Roundhead Puritans Mr. & Mrs. Miserable (portrayed by Mathew Baynton & Katy Wix) trade places with the Calaviers, Mr. & Mrs. Merry (portrayed by Simon Farnaby & Sarah Hadland), of the Restoration.  

1778: Lord & Lady Posh swap with The Peasant familyEdit

Lord & Lady Posh from the Manor swap with the Peasant family of Poorville.

The Athenians swap with The SpartansEdit

A couple of the effete Athenians trade places with the legendarily tough Spartans.

The Romans swap with a Celtic familyEdit

An upscale Roman couple moves into newly conquered Britain & swaps with a traditional Celtic family.

Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette swap with a peasant familyEdit

A Viking warrior family swap with The Thralls familyEdit

A well-to-do warrior family (portrayed by Ben Willbond & Martha Howe-Douglas) swaps with their slave thralls (portrayed by Jim Howick & Katy Wix).

The Tombleby-Pumblechooks swap with The SmikesEdit

The wealthy Tombleby-Pumblechocks (portrayed by Simon Farnaby & Martha Howe-Douglas) trade places with the slum-living Smikes.

Pharaoh Rameses II & Queen Nefertari swap with a peasant familyEdit

Pharaoh Rameses II & Queen Nefertari (portrayed by Sarah Hadland) swap with a peasant family.


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