Horrible Histories Television News, or HHTV News, is a recurring sketch in Horrible Histories. It features reports from all different historical eras & places.

Types of ReportsEdit

Bob Hale's ReportsEdit

HHTV News Presenter, Bob Hale, works for HHTV News & reports on historical events that have happened over a long period of time. He is also known to be quite a strange man, not that you couldn’t guess from his reports. (Bob Hale is played by Laurence Rickard, who also writes the sketches).

The Roman ReportEdit

The Stone Age ReportEdit

The British Empire ReportEdit

Bob Hale gives a report on the British Empire.

The Viking ReportEdit

The Crusades ReportEdit

The Civil War ReportEdit

The Incan ReportEdit

The Catholic ReportEdit

The French Revolution ReportEdit

The Tutankhamen ReportEdit

The War of the Roses ReportEdit

The American ReportEdit

The Anglo-Saxon ReportEdit

The Human Evolution ReportEdit

The Renaissance ReportEdit

The Roman Britain ReportEdit

The Napoleon ReportEdit

The Mary Queen of Scots ReportEdit

The World War Two ReportEdit

The Space ReportEdit

The World War One Report-1916 & 1918Edit

Special SketchesEdit

The Sport Relief ReportEdit

Extra SketchesEdit

The Thames ReportEdit
  • Episode: Diamond Jubilee 2012
  • Era
The Referendum ReportEdit

Mike Peabody's ReportsEdit

Mike Peabody (portrayed by Ben Willbond) reports live at different battles or historical events, often wishing he was “somewhere else”.

The Great Plague of LondonEdit

Mike Peabody reports on efforts to cope with the Great Plague of London.

The Battle of ThermopylaeEdit

Mike Peabody reports live from the Battle of Thermopylae.

The Battle of Marston MoorEdit

Mike Peabody reports live from the Battle of Marston Moor, where the English Civil War breaks out.

The Battle of MaldonEdit

Mike Peabody reports live from the Battle of Maldon. 

The storming of the BastilleEdit

The Norman siege of PalermoEdit

The last Saxon strongholdEdit

Mike reports from the last Saxon stronghold on the Isle of Ely. 

Extra SketchEdit

Live from the Royal Albert HallEdit

Mike Peabody reports from the Royal Albert Hall. 

HHTV SportEdit

Main article: HHTV Sport


A list of all the reports from various presenters on the show, other than Mike Peabody & Bob Hale.

King Charles I's executionEdit

Taking a census from the Domesday bookEdit

English Civil War breaks outEdit

Public Execution of Jack Sheppard, escape-artistEdit

Live report from the public hanging of anti-hero Jack Sheppard (portrayed by Mathew Baynton).

King Henry VIII plays tennis whilst his wife is executedEdit

William the Conqueror’s Christmas Crowning RiotEdit

Schoolboy strike in LlanelliEdit

Live from a schoolboy strike in Llanelli.

The coronation of King JohnEdit

Reporting live from the bizarre coronation of topless King John who struggles to keep his crown on!

Prince Regent announcedEdit

The Prince Regent’s (portrayed by Jim Howick) undermining of the throne seems to be not as exciting as watching the King (portrayed by Simon Farnaby) jump around being a kangaroo.

Charles Dickens arrives in AmericaEdit

Dickens arrives in America, 1867, only to be smothered by a large crowd of fans & lovers.

The Great Fire of London breaks outEdit

The Great Fire of London breaks out in Pudding Lane with some strange accusations about who started it.

The Great Fire of London: Day TwoEdit

The Great Fire on its second Day, & the Duke of York grabs hold of some help, literally.

The Great Fire of London is put outEdit

The fire is finally extinguished & many are searching for their lost beloved ones, including the devastated Samuel Pepys searching for his buried cheese!


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