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Frightful First World War Special
Season 5, Episode 15
Air date 4 August, 2014
Written by Dave Cohen, Gerard Foster, Caroline Norris, Giles Pilbrow, Steve Punt, Laurence Rickard, & Ben Ward
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The Frightful First World War Special is a special episode of Horrible Histories devoted to the events of the First World War. It is based off Terry Deary's book, Frightful First World War, & includes many different WWI sketches such as the Shouty Man's World War One Wee Wee & Historical Masterchef.

In this First World War special, the award-winning comedy sketch team, Bob Hale & Rattus Rattus, guide us through the horrible history of 1914-18.




The Cause of WWI (from Series 1, Episode 8)[]

Showcasing the causes of the war, as simply as possible–that is, not very.

First Day in the Trenches (from Series 3, Episode 3)[]

A naïve young recruit to the trenches tries to learn the ropes.

WI Government Information Film[]

The dos & don’ts of keeping the war effort going strong at home, including a ban on feeding ducks (educational film parody).

HHTV Sport[]

1914 Christmas Day Football Truce (from the Christmas Special)[]

Opposing sides play a friendly game of football during the Christmas truce of 1914.


Flying Aces (Computer Game)[]

Shouty Man[]

WWI Wee-Wee (from Series 3, Episode 3)[]

WWI Wee-Wee, the multi-purpose liquid revolution.


Battle of the Somme campaign (from Series 3, Episode 1)[]

Summing up the less-than-encouraging results of the Somme campaign.

Historical Masterchef[]

WWI (from Series 3, Episode 10)[]

Wartime improvisation is the order of the day.


WWI general inspects the troops (from Series 3, Episode 9)[]

A general arrives to inspect the troops & discovers just how hard up both sides are for new recruits.

True or False[]

George V, Kaiser Wilhelm & Tsar Nicholas, the leaders of Britain, Germany & Russia during World War One, were all cousins. 

They were all related through Queen Victoria & until war broke out they were great pals. 


Main article: World War One Cousins

King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II, & Tsar Nicholas II sing of the war’s impact on their family ties (incorporates parody of the Charleston). 


The Red Baron[]

The Red Baron’s demands for a new war trophy are hampered by a shortage of silver. 

Big Bother[]

Trapped in occupied France, Patrick Fowler must find creative ways to hide from his German housemates in “Big Bother” (parody of Big Brother).

Finishing at 11:00[]

Scenes from the poignantly pointless chaos in the trenches, in the few minutes between learning of the November 11th truce & its actual implementation. 


Main article: The Suffragettes' Song

The Suffragettes sing about their struggles & extreme measures they go through to get women the right to vote. 


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The Cause of WWI First Day in the Trenches WWI Government Information Film HHTV Sport Flying Aces Shouty Man Battle of the Somme campaign Historical Masterchef WWI general inspects the troops Song The Red Baron Finishing at 11:00 Song
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  • It is played on ABC ME in Australia annually on 25th April to commemorate Anzac Day.


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