Death in season 1.

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Death's appearance from series 2 onward.

"You're through to the Afterlife!" - Death

"'God. Honestly, my humour is wasted on these idiots!" - Death

Death is the host of Stupid Deaths (and later the talk show host of Chatty Deaths). He decides who goes into the afterlife.


Death worked as the registration officer of the afterlife, where he took down the info of people who had died before they could be let into the afterlife. However, he became so amused by the stupid ways people had died that he decided to turn his job into an X Factor-esque show, where he and two skeletons act as judges to decide in order to be amused by the stupid deaths and decide if they are worthy to be let into the afterlife.


Death is a humorous character. He laughs at several stupid deaths, and seemingly takes the topic of demise lightly. He comes off as insensitive to some contestants, as he noticeably mocks their deaths in a joking manner.


Death wears a black cloak and has long white hair. His face is pale with black markings, similar to that of a skeleton. He had a slightly less polished appearance in season 1. In season 2, his official look was finalized and perfected.


  • He still lives with his mother in a bright warm house, which he hates.
  • He wrote a book called "Death's Big Book of Baby Names".
  • He didn't let Arthur John Priest into the Afterlife due to the lack of stupidity in his death story.
  • Death was the host for "Horrible Histories Scary Special".
  • He hates clowns.
  • Death is the first character for Simon Farnaby to portray on the show.
  • Between Season 1 and 2, Death's appearance undergoes several changes to form a more polished look.




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