Makeover Edition of Cruel Kings and Mean Queens

Cruel Kings and Mean Queens is a Horrible Histories special book published by Terry Deary. It contains all information about the Kings and Queens of England and Great Britain from William I to the current queen, Queen Elizabeth II.

Original Cover for Cruel Kings and Mean Kings


History with the nasty bits left in! Cruel Kings and Mean Queens gives you the horrible historical facts on all our shocking sovereigns, from William the Conker right up to Lizzie the Last. It'll tell you what you really want to know like...

  • which king died after falling off the toilet
  • why people thought King John was a werewolf
  • why Queen Anne's feet were covered in garlic

...and much more, including foul but fascinating facts in horrible habits, ghast palace ghosts, and the dreadful royal doctors of days gone by. This grippingly gruesome guide lets you into the secrets of our mad, menacing and murderous monarhcs and the terrible times in which they ruled

History has never been so horrible!

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