Chatty Death is a sketch series in Series 6 of the Horrible Histories TV series.

Finished with “Stupid Deaths”, Death (portrayed by Simon Farnaby) moves onto broadcasting a new TV show, a parody of Allan Carr's Chatty Man. Death speaks to some of Histories rulers, & tells them how people mostly see them as today, & drives them up the wall as much as possible, before sending them falling into the afterlife.

Sketches Edit

King John Edit

King John (portrayed by Ben Miller) talks to Death about Magna Carta & Richard the Lionheart.

King Alfred the GreatEdit

Earning the title ‘Great’ pleases Alfred (portrayed by Tom Rosenthal), but the stories of the cakes don’t! 

King William the ConquerorEdit

William the Conqueror (portrayed by Kevin Eldon) talks to Death about his funeral. 

Mary, Queen of ScotsEdit

Mary (portrayed by Jessica Ransom) compares her life with Elizabeth I, & it seems that Mary’s enemy was better off than she was! 

Emperor Napoleon BonaparteEdit

Napoleon (portrayed by Jim Howick) talks about his rise & fall, whilst Death winds him up. 

King Henry VIIIEdit

Henry (portrayed by Rowan Atkinson) talks about his reign & his young athletic years, only to be disgusted by the talk of his food & wives! 

Queen CleopatraEdit

Cleo (portrayed by Kathryn Drysdale) talks about her clever, ravishing legacy – as well as the deaths she experienced.

King George IIIEdit

George III (portrayed by Simon Farnaby) talks about his long, yet mad life. 

NOTE: Both Death & George III are portrayed by Simon Farnaby. 

Queen BoudicaEdit

Boudicca (portrayed by Lorna Watson) talks about her struggle against the Romans, & you never know how funny Death’s skeleton friends can be. 

Prime Minister Winston ChurchillEdit

Winston Churchill (portrayed by Jim Howick) talks about all the hard work he did for the war effort. 

Queen VictoriaEdit

Queen Vicky (portrayed by Sarah Hadland) talks about her record-breaking reign & her mournful later life. 

Lord Protector Oliver CromwellEdit

Death awkwardly tells ‘Crommus’ (portrayed by Lawry Lewin) about the Restoration, leaving him pretty speechless-ooooh dear! 


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