Awful Egyptians is a Historical Era sketch in the Horrible Histories TV series.

It explains the history, the customs, & the rulers of Ancient Egypt.

Sketches Edit

Series 1, Episode 2 Edit

  • King Pepi’s Super Sticky Anti-Fly Honey Slave (advertisement)
  • Imagine spot: An over-entitled pharaoh insists on the invention of the pyramid
  • Twisted Fairytales: “The Princess & the Pea” (eliminating rivals to the throne)

Series 1, Episode 3 Edit

  • Shouty Man: New! All-Purpose Ancient Egyptian Mummy

Series 1, Episode 5 Edit

  • Pharaoh Phashion magazine offers beauty tips for peasants & aristocrats (advertisement)
  • Mouse Fresh Max toothpaste (advertisement)

Series 1, Episode 7 Edit

  • Imagine spot: Selling pyramid real estate.
  • Meet the Egyptian gods (animated)

Series 1, Episode 13 Edit

Series 2, Episode 2Edit

Historical DesktopsEdit

Cleopatra courts Mark Antony via the social network.

Series 2, Episode 5Edit

Series 2, Episode 10 Edit

  • Cleopatra’s beauty regime
  • Historical Hospital: Dr. Isis prescribes some surprisingly effective treatments

Series 2, Episode 11 Edit

  • Ready Steady Feast: Comparing the diets of a peasant & pyramid builder
  • Pyramid Weekly magazine offers a stone-of-the-month scheme (advertisement)

Series 3, Episode 5 Edit

Series 3, Episode 7 Edit

  • A tomb builder tries to convince a pharaoh that protecting his treasure is more important than a magnificent monument
  • Shouty Man: Ushabti Coffin Dolls

Series 4, Episode 1 Edit

Series 4, Episode 5 Edit

  • Egyptian Make Show: The mummification process
  • Kids can practice embalming their own dead body with Mummification (parody of Operation)

Series 4, Episode 11 Edit

  • Historical Dentist: The Egyptian dentist diagnoses ‘mouth-worms’ as the cause of a patient’s toothache
  • The results of New! Egyptian 2000 hair dye is best appreciated from a distance (advertisement)

Series 5, Episode 3 Edit

  • The Persian army comes up with an inspired–& very cute–variant on a human shield at the Battle of Pelusium
  • I Love Cats magazine: Everything the ancient cat-lover needs to know.

Series 5, Episode 7 Edit

  • A cure for baldness might be more trouble than it’s worth
  • A lavish makeup kit turns out to be Only For Men (advertisement)

Series 5, Episode 9 Edit

Series 5, Episode 11 Edit

  • Planning a funeral means it’s all in the many, many details for a hapless husband on “Don’t Tell the Corpse”
  • It’s fun for the whole literate priesthood only with Hieroglabble (Scrabble parody)

Series 5, Episode 12 Edit

  • HH Movie Pitch: Rameses II tries to make his case as the other iconic Ancient Egyptian ruler
  • A prospective laborer is dismayed to discover it wasn’t all about building majestic monuments.

Crafty Cleopatra (Series 6, Episode 7)Edit

  • The Egyptians: Cleopatra marries her dad until he dies, & then her annoying little brother (TV series advertisement)
  • History’s Craziest Fools: Ptolemy XIII: Some brothers can hate their sisters, but Ptolemy declares civil war on his sister!
  • Historical Mastermind: Clever Cleo takes on the ‘Everything’ category
  • Caesar seems unable to get a grip on the floors of Cleo’s palace
  • Egyptian One Born Every Minute: Cleopatra gives birth, with strange Egyptian & Roman customs (parody of One Born Every Minute)
  • One man goes collecting wee, & soon finds out why not to collect it in the slums!
  • Octavian eventually convinces his men they must go to war against Mark Antony-even if it’s for the most ridiculous reason!


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