2007 book makeover edition of Blitzed Brits


Terry Deary

Original title

The Blitzed Brits


Kate Sheppard

Cover artist

Martin Brown


Main Series



Publication date

1st of January 1998


128 (Original), 144 (Book Makeover)

Chapter count



9781407103433 (makeover edition)

Blitzed Brits was the 3rd Horrible Histories book that was published in 1994 by Terry Deary. It contains information about Britain during World War II, including what British citizens had to do during air raids, what the R.A.F., Royal Navy and British Armed Forces were doing during the Second World War, and the rationing in Britain. It had a cover makeover in 2007.

Book DescriptionEdit

History with the nasty bits left in!

Can you imagine life without television, road signs and bananas? Or only having enough clothing coupons to buy a small pair of knickers? Not to mention the late-night bombing raids. These were just some of the hardships for people who stayed at home in World War Two - the blitzed Brits.

Want to know:

Dad's Army?

rude noise mask?

Read on for some spiffing slang, foul food facts and about rotten rationing, awful evacuation tales, and the terrible truth about London's bloodthirsty blackout murderer.

History has never been so BAD AND MEAN AND NASTY!

Person on front cover: Caricature of female factory worker in the blitz.

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